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SEC Filings

SC 13D
JD.COM, INC. filed this Form SC 13D on 01/08/2018
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Section 2.06                             Actions Requiring Consent.


For so long as an Investor is a Qualified Investor pursuant to this Agreement (such Investor, a “Qualified Investor”), without the prior written approval of such Investor, (x) the Company shall not take, and shall cause each of its Subsidiaries not to take, any action (including any action by its board of directors or any committee thereof or any action at a meeting of its shareholders or otherwise) with respect to, and (y) each of the Founder Parties shall not vote any of their Company Securities or execute proxies or written consents, as the case may be, with respect to the entry into, engagement or participation in, any of the following matters:


(a)                       any Change of Control involving any Adverse Person;


(b)                       any issuance of Ordinary Shares or other Company Securities to any Adverse Person to the extent the Ordinary Shares issued (including the Ordinary Shares represented by the ADSs) or the Ordinary Shares issuable upon the conversion or exercise of other Company Securities issued to the Adverse Person, together with all Company Securities issued by the Company to such Adverse Person before such issuance and which remain outstanding at the time of such issuance, shall represent more than 10% of the total issued and outstanding shares of the Company as of immediately after such issuance, as evidenced by the register of members of the Company but excluding any Class A Shares issued to the depositary bank for bulk issuance of ADSs reserved for future issuances upon (i) the exercise or vesting of awards granted under the Employee Equity Incentive Plans or (ii) conversion of any Company Securities other than Ordinary Shares;


(c)                        any issuance of any equity securities (including any securities convertible into or exchangeable for equity securities, any options, warrants or other rights to acquire equity securities, and any depository receipts or similar instruments issued in respect of equity securities) by a Subsidiary of the Company to any Adverse Person;


(d)                       any appointment or election of any director or observer to the Board designated by any Adverse Person (“Adverse Person Nominee”), including convening a meeting of the Board pursuant to the Memorandum and Articles and appointing such Adverse Person Nominee as director or observer to the Board, and in the case of an election, (i) nominating such individual to be elected as a director or observer to the Board as provided herein, (ii) recommending to the shareholders the election of such individual as director or observer in any meeting of shareholders to elect directors and observers, including soliciting proxies in favor of the election of the Adverse Person Nominee, (iii) including such nomination and recommendation regarding such individual in the Company’s notice for any meeting of shareholders to elect directors and observers, and (iv) expanding the size of the Board in order to appoint the Adverse Person Nominee;



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